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SAREE The Origin


The saree is the most famous traditional clothing from India and is known for its color and splendor.

The word saree comes originally from the Sanskrit meaning "strip of cloth 'and Sadi in Prakrit which was

changed into saree in Hindi.

In countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the saree is also worn.


A saree is a cloth of 5 to 7 meters long and about 1 meter 20 wide and draped around the body.

Under a saree, a petticoat and a short blouse (choli) are worn in matching colors.

There are different ways to wear a saree, depending on region/ climate, ethnicity, religion and tradition.

Previously, the saree made ​​mainly of cotton, later came more materials such as silk.

The cotton saree was simple printed and the silk saree was richly decorated with various patterns and

woven ornaments.

Today, the saree's are increasingly (partly) made of polyester, nylon or viscose.

Women wear with pride and elegance around the world their saree's as a statement of their Indian origin

and culture.