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SAREE Bollywood


Bollywood is the nickname of the Hindi film industry in Bombay.

The name Bollywood is a combination of Hollywood and Bombay (now Mumbai).

India has the largest film industry in the world.

The films are mostly in Hindi spoken, although with English subtitles.

A Bollywood film is characterized by a fixed formula.

This formula always contains the following elements:

Song and dance:

A Bollywood film is a musical.

The adventures of the protagonists are interspersed with songs.

The whole film is festive and colorful.

Beautiful people:

The protagonists are all wonderful people.

If you have won a Miss-election chances are that you become a Bollywood actress.

Length of the film:

A Bollywood film always takes around three hours.

Beautiful locations:

The musical portions of the film shows beautiful scenery beyond.


Although Bollywood is slowly some daring and sexueler tinted, you can still assume that you will

encounter no sex scenes.

The most spectacular films named Masalafilms.

Just like that spicemixture all the ingredients are in these films; singing, dancing, love, comedy and


Bollywood is becoming to conquer the world.

The themes are westerser, the casting is becoming more international and the amount of fans is