Our company name:



The website www.sariworld.eu is owned by the company KHADI.

This name we haven chosen because KHADI is symbol to everything that we believe in as a company,


strength, independence and self-reliance.


A few facts about Khadi:


Khadi is entirely hand-spun and woven.

No other material anywhere in the world is, and that is the reason why it's so unique.

The starting material (wool, cotton or silk) is spun with a spinningwheel and is made to Khadi.

Of Khadi traditional costumes like sari, salwar kameez, dhoti and kurta are made.

Khadi is flexible and is after a few washes like a second skin.

That's why it is very comfortable to wear.

Officially the Indian flag should only be made of Khadi.

Because the traditional methods of spinning and weaving Khadi is an important element in Indian culture.

Indian politicians wear Khadi on official occasions.

Nearly 1 million Indians have an income by spinning and weaving of Khadi.